Alisa Free 2007-2016. All rights reserved.

Vessels are important for the space they contain and the physical or emotional material they hold. My works are symbolic containers to explore and release complex emotions. These painted vessels explore the conflicting truths of daily living.

My current work, Tangled Sentiments, ponders the contradictions of life - love/betrayal, confidence/doubt, freedom/restraint, security/risk, kindness/cruelty. Like a garden blooming within weeds, we struggle and manuver through these dualities that are often beyond our control. Often, these experiences are too tangled to be taken apart.

I’m always energized by the spontaneous process of beginning a painting. Alternating the use brushes and unconventional painting tools removes control and my hand from the creative process. Experimentation with materials and adding collage elements is part of the long path of layering and adding texture to my work. This gives life to the story or memory that each piece may conjure for the viewer.

La Vie En Rose
12 x 12
acrylic on panel